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  Name:  Delta Command Base "Space Patrol Delta Base" "Delta Base"

Owner:  S.P.D. (Doggie Cruger) - Megazord cockpit pilots S.P.D. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Shadow Rangers

Information: This Delta Base is home for our heros, the Defenders of Earth, the Power Rangers. It is also where they train and help train other cadets, at the S.P.D. Academy. Also led by a great Commander, Doggie Cruger - a Galaxy Defender. This S.P.D. headquarter is the most advanced center of it's kind. Other SPD branches, Federations, are located on other planets.

Delta Command Base: Came in episode 1. The entire Base can be controlled within the Command Center. The Delta Runners are released from the side of the Base. In Episode 14, with the new upgrade program for D.B.D.S. - the Delta Base Defense System, Phase One, the base is now able to fire an energy blast at the enemy, and form Crawler Mode.

Delta Command Crawler: Came in episode 14. The Delta Command Crawler fires proton beams. The Delta Runners can also be released in this mode. In Episode 15, Phase Two of D.B.D.S. becomes active thanks to Sophie - a Series One Processor/Hyper-Intelligent Encryptor, allowing the Base to be able to form Megazord Mode.

Delta Command Megazord: Came in episode 15. The Delta Command Megazord's fingers are able to interface with the Delta Squad Megazord allowing the rangers to travel from their own cockpits to the Delta Command Megazord's cockpit. The Megazord can fire it's proton beams while walking, and can fire multi-blasting Finger Lasers. It's strongest attack is the Full Power blast.

Episode 18: We are shown that if the zords are needed in a different location on Earth, they can transform the Delta Command Base into Crawler Mode, then use a Hyperspeed Rover Mode to travel to the location. From New Tech City to Kyoto Japan doesn't even take 15 minutes to get there.

Episode 18: The Delta Command Megazord can join powers with the Delta Runners for more power. The Delta Command Megazord uses the Super Crime Scene Tape.


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