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  Name:  Shorty (Ray Trickett (voice))

Rank:  alien, 2nd most wanted criminal
Episode:  21, 22 - Messenger Part 1, Part 2

Information:  Shorty is the 2nd most wanted criminal in the universe. He is friends with Morgana, and is Devastation's younger brother. Morgana called him in to help destroy the rangers. Shorty can leap into the air then slam to the ground at fast speed. His skin is tough enough to bounce the rangers' lasers back at them or even the blade of the Shadow Saber. He has an appetite for destruction. Morgana and Shorty were judged by yellow's S.P.D. Morpher, but were saved by Devastation from a blast from the Canine Cannon. Later, Red managed to blast Shorty with the Canine Cannon, but the blast only caused him to grow giant. The Delta Runners were unable to be sent to the rangers because of being repaired from a battle with the Robot Of Destruction. The Rangers tried the Delta Command Megazord but were no match against Shorty's speed. Help arrives from the future - Shorty is destroyed by the Omega Max Megazord's Omega Max Spinout attack.


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