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  Name:  Mirloc (Jeremy Birchall (voice))

Rank:  alien
Episode:  24, 25 - Reflections Part 1, Part 2

Information:  Mirloc is one of the most brilliant masterminds ever. He's had his hand in every dirty deal and knows every shady character in the galaxy. Mirloc was held in a specially designed maximum security cell on Gamma Orion. Conventional confinement methods had proven unsuccessful since he has the capability of escaping through any reflective surface.

Sky was sent to interrogate Mirloc for any information he may have on a recent attack by alien criminals that have already been captured. Mirloc gives Sky information for in return a small something for his collection. Mirloc provides Sky with info on a copycat criminal named Slate. After the rangers had contained Slate, Sky returned to Gamma Orion to give Mirloc what he wanted. Mirloc asks Sky to tell him his saddest story. Sky told him the story about how he lost his father. Then when Mirloc made light of his story, a tear fell to the ground from Sky's eye, and the reflection from the tear allowed Mirloc to escape.

Sky finds out that Mirloc is the one responsible for his father's...

Gruumm orders Mirloc to capture the rangers but to leave Doggie Cruger for himself. Mirloc's two mirrors on his chest make an infinite reflection that traps people inside. Mirloc captures Z, Bridge, Syd, Sky, Jack, and the Omega Max Megazord. The Omega Ranger breaks the two mirrors, freeing them.

Jack gives Sky his morpher and Sky becomes the S.P.D. Red Ranger and uses the S.P.D. Battlizer Sonic Mode Full Power attack to contain Mirloc. Mirloc is sent to the Containment Facility on Varinox 12 where there is no sunlight, meaning no reflections and no way for him to escape. Sky gives Jack's morpher back.


Copyright © 2004. All rights reserved.  Launch Date: 07/07/04