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  Name:  Kraw (Stig Eldred (voice))

Rank:  alien criminal
Episode:  31, 32 - History, Impact

Information:  Kraw is a criminal known throughout the cosmos, so when he arrived on Earth he had to disguise himself, and he wanted the identity of someone respected, he chose Professor Cerebros. Professor Cerebros(Kraw) teams up with Broodwing to takeover Earth.

They send 2 different Dragoul creatures to attack the city and alters the trajectory of a meteor, aiming it right for Newtech City.

Kat discovers that the trajectory of the meteor that is heading toward Earth that is expected to miss Earth has been altered and is now aiming for Newtech City. Commander Cruger sends the rangers to check with an expert at the Newtech City Observatory, Professor Cerebros. After checking with Professor Cerebros, on their way out, Bridge is the last one to leave, but before leaving, Bridge uses his psychic abilities and finds that it is not really Professor Cerebros. Bridge and the others return to the Observatory as the Professor was leaving and they inform him that they know he is not really Professor Cerebros, so he turns into his true form, Kraw, and informs the rangers about himself, then sends Krybots and Blueheads to battle the rangers but are easily defeated and Kraw is contained by the Delta Enforcers.


Copyright © 2004. All rights reserved.  Launch Date: 07/07/04