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  Name:  Emperor Gruumm (Rene Naufahu)

Rank:  Devious Warlord and commander of the Troobian invaders

Information:  Gruumm is an evil planet-conquering alien force that travels planet to planet taking any valuable resources for his own needs then destroys the planet. Gruumm's next target is Earth. He is the Commander of the BattleShip SpaceCraft - the Emperor of the Troobian military force which has conquered 3 galaxies, 2 star systems, and over 100 planets. Emperor Gruumm has the ability to pick things up with his mind and crush them. He also talks to his boss Omni telepathically. Emperor Gruumm has his very own cycle as well. In the battle for Sirius, Doggie Cruger and Gruumm fought, and with the Shadow Saber Doggie slashes one of Gruumm's horns off.

Reason why Gruumm didn't make sure Doggie was eliminated on Sirius along with the rest of his kind was because he wanted revenge against Anubis Cruger for slashing one of his horns off during the battle. Episode 36: Gruumm informs Cruger about his petty revenge he has against him, telling Cruger that he had taken something precious away from him that day, and so Gruumm took something precious from him, Isinia, Doggie Cruger's wife who is still alive.

Episode 37: Doggie Battles Gruumm for the last time, slashing his other horn off, then contains Gruumm.


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