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  Name:  Devastation (Kelson Henderson (voice))

Rank:  alien, most wanted criminal
Episode:  21, 22 - Messenger Part 1, Part 2

Information:  Devastation is the most wanted criminal in the universe. He is friends with Morgana, and is Shorty's big brother. Morgana called him in to help destroy the rangers. When Shorty and Morgana were about to be blasted by the Canine Cannon, Devastation arrived just in time to stop the blast. After the Omega Ranger had destroyed Shorty with his Omega Max Megazord, Devastation vowed revenge. He used his Fury Circle attack on the rangers which has the ability to drain their energy to nothing but the rangers were able to force it off. The Rangers, with a little help from Omega, finally destroy Devastation. Devastation is judged by the Omega Morpher, then destroyed by the Omega Ranger's Light Beam attack. Devastation comes back to life thanks to his Reincarnation skill. He then uses the Robot Of Destruction in hope of escaping the rangers but the Robot is destroyed by the Omega Max Cycle with Delta Squad Megazord. Devastation is then contained.


Copyright © 2004. All rights reserved.  Launch Date: 07/07/04