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  Name:  General Benaag (James Gaylyn (voice))

Rank:  Infamous Top/Prime General of the Troobian force
Episode:  11, 12 - Shadow Part 1, Part 2

Information:  General Benaag was the Prime General of the Troobian force. Years ago when Sirius, Doggie Cruger's homeworld, was being invaded by Gruumm, General Benaag led his troops against Doggie Cruger and other troops fighting to save their planet. While the great battle for Sirius was raging, Doggie Cruger was fighting at the front, Benaag snuck in from the back and captured his wife Aisynia Cruger.

Although Doggie Cruger managed to survive, the rest of his kind and his planet did not. General Benaag had navigated 3 galaxies to find Doggie Cruger, now located on Earth. Emperor Gruumm sends him to Earth to eliminate Doggie Cruger.

He captures Kat Manx to lure Doggie out to fight. He places a Demolecularization Belt around Kat's waist. As Doggie and Benaag get ready for battle, the belt begins counting down from 20 minutes, and if time runs out, Kat's molecules will scatter and she will be gone forever.

Benaag tells Doggie that he must defeat 100 Krybots before they battle. So Doggie takes out his new Patrol Morpher and becomes the Shadow Ranger, easily destroying all the Krybots. Doggie and Benaag battle, and Doggie begins to loose the fight after Benaag shows him that Kat is in a truck nearby running out of time. Benaag fires a blast at Doggie and Doggie uses his Shadow Saber to deflect the blast at the belt, freeing Kat, While only 1 second remained.

Doggie uses his morpher on Benaag to be Judged for his crimes. Benaag is found guilty of obstruction of justice, the destruction of five planets, and atrocities throughout the galaxy. Benaag was then Judged for the disappearance of Aisynia Cruger - Doggie Cruger's wife, but was found Not guilty. Doggie then uses his Shadow Saber to 'Card' Benaag.


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