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  Ranger:  S.P.D. Yellow Ranger

Name:  Elizabeth "Z" Delgado (Monica May)
Age:  17
Rank:  B-Squad Ranger, Defender of Earth
Weaponry:  S.P.D. Morpher - Deltamax Striker
Vehicle:  Delta Police Cruiser
Zords:  Delta Runner 4
Genetic Power:  Can duplicate herself!

Information:  Jack and Z were thieves who have spent five years helping the less fortunate of the city get clothes and food. But when they are taken into custody by S.P.D., Commander Cruger gives them the choice to either serve their time in prison, or become B-Squad Power Rangers. Z has wanted to be a part of something bigger for a while now, so it doesn't take her long to decide on taking the offer into becoming a part of the B-Squad.

Z becomes the Yellow S.P.D. Power Ranger of the B-Squad. She dresses to her own drummer of styles, and loves listening to music on her headphones. She is very quick in battle, and with her ability to self-duplicate she can be a Squad of heroes.

In episode 8, Z shares a memory from her past of when she was 12 - It was hard anough being from the streats, but she was so shy and the kids knew she was different, they were cruel, called her all sorts of names like freak and monster. She was just a little girl. she couldn't take it anymore so she did the only thing she knew how to do, she replicated and ran out of there. She ran out of the school. She ran and she ran and she ran till she couldn't run anymore. Then she felt herself alone, and this scary looking creature coming towards her, and then she heard an explosion. She opens her eyes and the creature was running away, and there was someone standing in the shadows with a laser. She broke her Z neckless, she was to afraid to go back and get it. She never found out who the person in the shadows was, until now, Commander Cruger gives Z her Z neckless, It was him.

Commander Cruger tells the 5 that their parents all served at S.P.D. before they were born. It was remained a secret for their own protection until they were old enough to fully understand. S.P.D. 2001 - Their parents were pioneers. They created the technology built into the morphers, led by Dr. Manx. All their parents were dedicated to the same cause of them. Their were certain unplanned events that happened in the early testing fazes, Kat being an alien was uninfected, not so fortunate were their parents, their genes were altered.


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