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  Ranger:  S.P.D. Red Ranger

Name:  Jack Landors (Brandon Jay McLaren)
Age:  19
Rank:  B-Squad Ranger, Leader, Defender of Earth
Weaponry:  S.P.D. Morpher - Delta Blasters
Vehicle:  Red S.P.D. Patrol Cycle
Zords:  Delta Runner 1
Genetic Power:  Can de-molecularize to pass through any solid object!

Information:  Jack and Z were thieves who have spent five years helping the less fortunate of the city get clothes and food. But when they are taken into custody by S.P.D., Commander Cruger gives them the choice to either serve their time in prison, or become B-Squad Power Rangers. Jack turned down the opportunity to become a part of the B-Squad team at first, but later decides to join after realizing he would be helping alot of people.

Jack becomes the Red S.P.D. Power Ranger of the B-Squad. As the Red Ranger, Jack becomes the leader of the B-Squad Power Rangers which means he gets to tell them and other cadets what to do, and then they must do it with no questions asked. But when Jack first found out about this, he took an advantage of the situation by sitting around reading comic books and telling the others what to do. Commander Cruger then tells Jack to turn in his morpher as the other 4 engage in battle against a Giant Robot. Cruger gives Jack his morpher back once Jack has learned his lessen and decides to become a better leader and friend.

Jack likes to do things his own way, even in battle. But he is still loyal anough to be a leader. He has a great sense of humor and loves to have fun, but hates to workout.

Commander Cruger tells the 5 that their parents all served at S.P.D. before they were born. It was remained a secret for their own protection until they were old enough to fully understand. S.P.D. 2001 - Their parents were pioneers. They created the technology built into the morphers, led by Dr. Manx. All their parents were dedicated to the same cause of them. Their were certain unplanned events that happened in the early testing fazes, Kat being an alien was uninfected, not so fortunate were their parents, their genes were altered.

Episode 37: Jack leaves SPD to be with Ally and to do what he has always loved to do, give clothes to the needy.


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