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  Ranger:  S.P.D. Pink Ranger

Name:  Sydney "Syd" Drew (Alycia Purrott)
Age:  18
Rank:  B-Squad Ranger, Defender of Earth
Weaponry:  S.P.D. Morpher - Deltamax Striker
Vehicle:  Delta Police Cruiser
Zords:  Delta Runner 5
Genetic Power:  Can turn her hands into any element she touches!

Information:  After spending the last two years in simulating training, Syd becomes the Pink S.P.D. Power Ranger of the B-Squad. Syd is a typical girly girl. She likes to nitpick about almost anything, and she just loves diamonds. She has a stuffed elephant named Peanuts. Syd comes from a wealthy family and has been given anything her heart desires.

Syd loves to paint pictures.

Commander Cruger tells the 5 that their parents all served at S.P.D. before they were born. It was remained a secret for their own protection until they were old enough to fully understand. S.P.D. 2001 - Their parents were pioneers. They created the technology built into the morphers, led by Dr. Manx. All their parents were dedicated to the same cause of them. Their were certain unplanned events that happened in the early testing fazes, Kat being an alien was uninfected, not so fortunate were their parents, their genes were altered.

Syd loves to sing, and likes looking at magazine stuff.


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