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  Ranger:  S.P.D. Omega Ranger

Name:  Sam (Brett Stewart (voice))
Rank:  Force from the Future
Weaponry:  Omega Morpher
Vehicle:  Omega Uni-Force Cycle
Zord:  Omega Max Cycle
Genetic Power:  teleportation powers!

Information:  As a young boy Sam was a kindred soul just looking for a place to fit in. He has special teleportation powers which he can use to teleport anything or anyone, including himself or even buildings anywhere. In 2025 Mora lured Sam into helping her take over Earth. Z gets Sam to understand that the Troobians are evil and Sam joins S.P.D. and becomes a young cadet.

Sam's parents served at S.P.D. before he was born. S.P.D. 2001 - his parents were pioneers. They helped create the technology built into the morphers. But Their were certain unplanned events that happened in the early testing fazes, their genes were altered, giving them all special powers.

Boom receives a message from the future: "If anyone can hear this please send help! Today July 11th is the 15th anniversary of the Troobian takeover of our planet Earth! July 11th, the same day Space Patrol Delta fell leaving us defenseless! The Troobian forces have flushed out all but a few pockets of freedom fighters! We have sent out Omega but have not heard word! I have to sign off... July 11th, 2040!"

Omega Ranger arrived in the year 2025 through a time portal at the same time the samurai Katana came through. But passing through the time portal had crystallized his human form into light energy - a ball of light.

The ball of light followed the rangers around, waiting to take action when needed. In Episode 20, when the rangers were in trouble, trying to defeat some Krybots while the Krybots were trying to hold the rangers back as an alien gets ready to attack using a Giant Robot, the ball of light destroyed the Krybots for the rangers.

Morgana, Shorty and Devastation try to takeover Earth but are stopped by the Omega Ranger with a little help from teamwork.

Omega Ranger reveals himself to be Sam from the future. He must stay in the year 2025 until another time portal can be opened for him to return to his own time.

Episode 37: In the middle of a battle with an army of Troobians, another time portal opens and out comes another ranger from the future, Nova Ranger, which helps battle against the Troobians. Nova Ranger has been looking all over the time line for Sam(Omega).

After the battle against the Troobians ended, the time portal opens for Sam and Nova to return to their own time in 2040. Right before entering the time portal, Sam's and Nova's human forms are revealed.


Copyright © 2004. All rights reserved.  Launch Date: 07/07/04