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  Ranger:  S.P.D. Blue Ranger

Name:  Schuyler "Sky" Tate (Chris Violette)
Age:  20
Rank:  B-Squad Ranger, 2nd in command, Defender of Earth
Weaponry:  S.P.D. Morpher - Deltamax Striker
Vehicle:  S.P.D. Patrol Cycle
Zords:  Delta Runner 2
Genetic Power:  Can create invisible force fields with his mind!

Information:  Ever since he was a kid, Sky has been determined to become the next Red Ranger to follow in his father's footsteps. He has been training for years at the S.P.D. Academy hoping that one day his dream would come true, but he is assigned as Blue Ranger instead, as a thief named Jack is assigned as Red Ranger, making Sky second in command. Sky becomes very angered at the fact that he became the Blue Ranger instead of the Red Ranger and Red was given to a thief. He refuses to participate in group activities. After Jack and Bridge are given powered up bikes, Sky has just about had it. But after had given the enemy an added advantage by not following Jack's orders, Jack and Sky decide to try working things out.

After spending the last two years in simulating training, Sky becomes the Blue S.P.D. Power Ranger of the B-Squad. He is very strict and does everything by the book. He can be hard to live with. He barley ever has fun, and hardly smiles.

Sky has a picture of his father as a S.P.D. Red Time Force Power Ranger. His father was best of the best.

Commander Cruger tells the 5 that their parents all served at S.P.D. before they were born. It was remained a secret for their own protection until they were old enough to fully understand. S.P.D. 2001 - Their parents were pioneers. They created the technology built into the morphers, led by Dr. Manx. All their parents were dedicated to the same cause of them. Their were certain unplanned events that happened in the early testing fazes, Kat being an alien was uninfected, not so fortunate were their parents, their genes were altered.

"My dad was a power ranger too, he was the red ranger. He was a great father, he made a vow to protect the innocent. When people were in danger he was always ready to fight. One Day he got the call, they say he saved dozens of people! He fought until the bitter end, it was his last battle, I never saw him again!"

Episode 37: Sky becomes the Red Ranger.


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