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  Screen shots of ABC Family's 3rd Power Rangers S.P.D. Sneak Peek!

And now, here's a world premiere sneak peek of Power Rangers S.P.D.

From the vast cities of Earth, to the darkest reaches of space, only one group of humans stand in the way of true evil... Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta!

Our planet is now called home for humans and peaceful beings from distant worlds! but it is the Calm before the Storm... as alien creatures are on their way to conquer Earth and beyond! A new breed of rangers is preparing for battle...

Rangers: "Delta Blasters, engage!"
Red: "Red Ranger standing by!"

On the ground, in the air, and through out the galaxy!
The team that will be called upon is, Power Rangers S.P.D.

Rangers: "Ready! Ready! S.P.D. Emergency!"

Get ready, it's all part of... Jetix, coming February 2005 to ABC Family!

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