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Wed. October 6th, 2004

3 more Links added:
Links Added: P R D T/S.P.D's Villains Online
ZohaibRanger's Website - Under Construction
D T Online :|: An Power Rangers Fan Site
Mon. October 4th, 2004

More Dekaranger Swat Mode pictures!
Sun. October 3rd, 2004

Downloads section updated:
TOON D DT/NS promo Pt.2.
Toei - Dekaranger - Deka Wing Robo!
Deka Wing Robo and Deka Fortress pictures!
Sat. October 2nd, 2004

New Releases updated.
Species III added.

More Links added:
Species III will be released straight to VHS
and DVD December 7th!

Links added: movies.com!
movies.com: upcoming!
movies.com: browse upcomingmovies!
Fri. October 1st, 2004

The schedule has been
More Dekaranger pictures!
Thu. September 30th, 2004

Bandai.com finally has the DinoThunder fall toys!
Mon. September 27th, 2004

Downloads section updated:
TOON D DT/NS promo Pt.1.

The schedule has been

Power Rangers link added:
Toei - Dekaranger - Swat Mode!

Vote for the Most Sinister Spell!
They did a really bad job with this one!

Part 1 of the team up special this Saturday,
and this time, they will be fighting each other!
Sat. September 25th, 2004

Downloads section updated:
ABC F DT/NS promo Pt.1:
D R/V M formation/Attack.
"Vote for the coolest lair:" MM won!
Wed. September 22nd, 2004

Disney DVD DinoThunder Volume 4!
Disney DVD DinoThunder Volume 5!
The trailer video has some shots of the 10
minute sneak peek to Power Rangers SPD!
Tue. September 21st, 2004

Extras Updated:
screen shots from episode
27 of DinoThunder added.
Vote for the coolest lair!

I've added some updates on my NS/DT site
last week, and today! I just added in the extras
section the screen shots from DT episode 27
that were added on my NS/DT site today!
Mon. September 20th, 2004

A picture of Elsa.
Jetix Updated: They have added Jetix Cards

X-Men Legends video game will be released
tomorrow, but we might not see it in stores till
Sat. September 18th, 2004

New Releases Updated:
DVD Vol. 4 and 5 added.
DVD cover Vol. 4 and DVD cover Vol. 5!
Fri. September 17th, 2004

Picture from Vol. 3 for the 10 min. sneak peek!
Thu. September 16th, 2004

The schedule has been
Power Rangers Ninja Storm won the vote again!

New Darkness - excoboard.com link added!
Wed. September 15th, 2004

there will be 5 new episodes of DinoThunder
in October! The DinoThunder/Ninja Storm
team-up special airs October 2nd and 9th:
"Thunder Storm Part I" "Thunder Storm Part II"
"In Your Dreams" "Drawn Into Danger"
"House Of Cards"
Mon. September 13th, 2004

Vote for the most shocking secret!

More Doom Buggy Zord and megazords pictures!
Sun. September 12th, 2004

The schedule has been
PRDT will be on at a new time on abckids!

Power Rangers DinoThunder Volumes 4 and 5
will have an exclusive 10 minute preview!
Sat. September 11th, 2004

Downloads section added.
Updated the top a little!
Fri. September 10th, 2004

Dekaranger Swat Mode!
More Dekaranger pictures!
More Doom Buggy Zord pictures!
Mon. September 6th, 2004

Power Rangers link added:
Sorry again it's taking so long, I'm trying to fix
something that went wrong!
Sun. September 5th, 2004

Power Rangers link added:
Power Rangers Freedom.
Dekaranger episode 30 pictures!

Error in this mornings new episode title! they
spelled Conner's name wrong! They put an 'o'
instead of an 'e,' "Connor!"
Fri. September 3rd, 2004

PRDT VHS and DVD Volume 2 episodes:
"Legacy Of Power" "Back In Black"
"Diva In Distress" "Game On" "Golden Boy"

PRDT VHS and DVD Volume 3 episodes:
"Beneath The Surface" "White Thunder Part I"
"Part II" "Part III" "Truth And Consequences"
As you can see, they skipped "Ocean Alert"

On ABC Family, BoPR ends Sept. 11,
and beginning Sept. 18th, DinoThunder
episodes will be taking it's place! Also the
new episodes will only be on Saturdays and
not be repeating on Sundays any more!
Instead, Sunday's 2 episodes will be
older reruns of Dinothunder!

On TOON Disney, PRNS will be taken off!

No, the Brachio Zord toy will not be released
into the U.S. and the Cephala Zord will be
released some time this month as a
Toys R Us exclusive!

The Digimon Rumble Arena 2 game is now out!
Wed. September 1st, 2004

The schedule has been

More extras have been
Extras Update: Added extras from my
Ninja Storm/DinoThunder website!
Sunday August 29th, 2004

Zeltrax returns in an all new episode of
DinoThunder next Sunday on ABC family
and TOON Disney!

The Deluxe Dino Stegazord is finally being
put out to buy, and the Cephala Zord is
being released some time in September
exclusively at Toys R Us!
Saturday August 28th, 2004

I can now make better
looking pictures from the
episode screen shots,
and here are some of the
new ones: 1,   2,   3,   4.
pretty sweet new episode of DinoThunder this
morning! Tommy fights his past selves as Red
Zeo Ranger, White Ranger, and Green Ranger!

Things I'm working on right now: downloads:
'Join Mailing List:' update on popups: Chat
Room! Not sure when they will be done!
Friday August 27th, 2004

'Other links' added: THQ:

New Releases Updated:
Digimon World 4
release date changed.
Digimon Rumble Arena 2
release date updated.
The THQ DinoThunder games!

Digimon World 4: release date changed to
March 1st, 2005! Digimon Rumble Arena 2
release date updated from September
3rd to September 2nd - 7th!
Thursday August 26th, 2004

Power Rangers link added:
PR S.P.D Information Archive.
DinoThunder Toys: "Multi Mega Weapon" and
"Z-Rex Blaster Megazord" at Sears.com!

A new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie!
"TMNT" may return to the big screen!
Wednesday August 25th, 2004

Power Rangers link added:
PRDT Official DVD Website.
NOTE: new info on the S.P.D. song has been
added on the tv tome Power Rangers website!
Monday August 24th, 2004

The schedule has been
Monday August 23rd, 2004

Power Rangers link added:
Power Ranger Empire
GuestBook and Contact Me updated a little!
Sunday August 22nd, 2004

Power Rangers link added:
The Rangerhood.

Updated S.P.D. megazord
a little more, lol.
Added the Bike megazord.
TOON Disney's promo for the next new
episode of DinoThunder confirms that
Tommy becomes visible!

Power Rangers DinoThunder DVD Vol. 4
and 5 will be released on December 7th,
and remember Vol. 5 will have a sneak
preview for Power Rangers S.P.D.!
Saturday August 21st, 2004

The schedule has been

Updated S.P.D. megazord
a little.
In next Saturday's new episode of DinoThunder,
Tommy finally uses his Super Dino Mode! But
does he become visible in human form?

The voting for your favorite "Battlizer" episode
is for September 5th, 2 weeks from now! It's
another Battlizer Marathon, and all 5 of the
choices will be shown, leading up to an all
new episode of DinoThunder on Sunday,
"The Passion Of Conner" at 11:30am!
Friday August 20th, 2004

Power Rangers link added:
Power Rangers Republic

Another 'Other link' added:
Vote for your favorite "Battlizer" episode!

A picture of a baby gray Ferret!
I have never seen a gray Ferret before,
I found this picture on another site! Ferrets
don't only come in different colors, they
come in different sizes as well! My Ferret,
Dazzle is a small Ferret, but I have seen
some Ferrets the size of cats, but longer!
Thursday August 19th, 2004

New Releases Updated:
PRDT Playstation 2
game cover added.
Vote for the tightest team-up!
They didn't put Lost Galaxy, Time Force
and Forever Red, lol!

The DinoThunder game better be good,
it only cost $20.00!
Wednesday August 18th, 2004

The schedule has been

Dekaranger sites added
into the links page.
Here is a little preview of September's
Schedule: tv tome Power Rangers:
ABC Family Jetix Sept. Listings (End of BoPR)!

Another week with out a new episode
of DinoThunder in September!

The Digimon World 4 game for Playstation 2:
I don't think it's coming out August 24th(25th),
It may not come out until next year, like in
March. But I guess we will find out soon!
Monday August 16th, 2004

My Pet Animals added
into the extras section.
"Lol, I just had to add these pictures,
they are so funny!"
Sunday August 15th, 2004

The Base added into
the Zords section.
Lol, my Ferret is so cute!

Some Power Rangers Stuff: Added into links!
Saturday August 14th, 2004

Zords section added.
Tommy finally demorphs in next Saturday's
new episode of DinoThunder, "Disappearing Act"
But becomes invisible! Lol, got to love it, stuff
is always happening to Tommy, ever since
Mighty Morphin, and now DinoThunder!
Friday August 13th, 2004

The schedule has been
Vote for the greatest girl power moment!
Wednesday August 11th, 2004

Deluxe Mezodon Megazord at Amazon.com!

I should have updates added on my
Ninja Storm/DinoThunder site this week!
Friday August 6th, 2004

New GuestBook added.
A Forum added.

The schedule has been

4 more Power Rangers links
were added: S.P.D. Academy
: Power Rangers
On-Air Central
Power Rangers Info Zone.
My new GuestBook is now up and running,
and so is my new Forum!

The new voting is up for 'Best bad ranger':
Finally, Ninja Storm is not in it. But now we
got another problem, the first 2 do not make
since, 1: Evil White Ranger from Mighty
Morphin? Do they mean Green? 2: Evil Red
Ranger from Power Rangers Zeo, there
should be a better chose then that. I voted
for the Psycho Rangers for Power Rangers
In Space because In Space just could not
defeat them, It took the 'Lost Galaxy'
Rangers to destroy them!      lol!
Thursday August 5th, 2004

New Releases Updated:
Digimon Rumble Arena 2
release date changed.
The release date for the Digimon Rumble
Arena 2 game has been changed from
August 15th, to September 3rd!

Updated the top a little more!
Tuesday August 3rd, 2004

Digimon - Collectible Card
link added.
A picture of the Doom Buggy zord! We probably
won't see it in the series, so hopefully they will at
least release it as a toy, lol, I like it!
Monday August 2nd, 2004

Updated the top a little more, lol.
Saturday July 31st, 2004

A picture of the first S.P.D. megazord combined
with the 7th ranger's, (6th ranger's: VI) megazord!
Friday July 30th, 2004

PRDT Game Boy Advance
Release Date Updated.
Lol people...

Oh man, tell me it isn't true, the series after
S.P.D. just might be animals again! Don't get
me wrong, I love animals, but they have been
doing animals to much! Let's see, Mighty
, Zeo, Lost Galaxy, Time Force is ok
because there was only 1, but now it's been 3
years now with animals, Wild Force, Ninja
, and now DinoThunder! So that is only 1
reason why I think that S.P.D. will be a sweet
series, no animals. Well, I guess there will be a
dog, but it's only 1, and it's not really considered
as an animal because it's a police dog, and
police dogs are considered as police officers!
So there are only 3 and a half series that don't
have animals: Turbo, In Space, Lightspeed
, and the half is Time Force because
it did happen to have an animal type! 2 more
reasons I'm going to love S.P.D., 1:
they are cops again, and 2: space!
Thursday July 29th, 2004

1 more Power Rangers link
added: Power Rangers
Online Database.

Quantum Power! address
It seems that RangerBase and Ranger Central
are down! Now we wait to see if they will
return, or if they're gone forever!
Wednesday July 28th, 2004

The schedule has been
Sorry it's taking so long with the updates for
this site, I'm going as fast as I can! Anyways
remember, you can always contact me to let
me know what you think should be added or
changed or what ever to this site! Thank you!
Saturday July 24th, 2004

Extras Updated:
Pictures Of Dazzle added.
Pictures of my pet Ferret, lol!

Is Zeltrax destroyed for good, or
will he return with even more power?
Thursday July 22nd, 2004

The schedule has been
I guess the first series to have something new
in every episode is Ninja Storm. Wild Force
was almost the first, but there was around 2
episodes with nothing new in them, and so
far DinoThunder is doing well, but can they
keep it up for the next around 16 episodes!

One of my favorite lines in DinoThunder was
in episode 5,    "Don't be a Pollinator hater!"
Monday July 19th, 2004

New Releases Updated:
PRDT Vols. 2 and 3 DVD
and VHS pictures added.
PRDT Game - link added,
and release date changed.
Release dates and links
added for the 2 new
Digimon games.
In the new Power Rangers DinoThunder game,
you will be able to control 18 different zords
including ones from PR Ninja Storm and Wild
Force! Click here to view more Features!

Here are some of the things that should be
added to the site soon: A better GuestBook:
Mailing List: Chat Room: Forum:

I will add updates on my NS site this week!
Wednesday July 14th, 2004

The X-Men Legends and
Ninja Turtles 2 games
added to new releases.

The schedule has been
Read this: Millenium Message Question.
Monday July 12th, 2004

2 more Power Rangers links
were added: 1RANGER:
Power Rangers Retrocenter.

A GuestBook has been added!
There was a TOON Disney promo screw up
today around the time Ninja Storm was on,
they showed the preview to what I think
is next Saturdays new episode, and not
this Saturdays. It showed Zeltrax with
a new vehicle zords type, and the
Triassic Ranger's new Zord!
Saturday July 10th, 2004

The schedule has been
"Power Rangers DinoThunder" It's Confirmed,
the Triassic Ranger is a power up for Conner!
But will it stay that way? So Trent is known
to be good now, and there is now an evil
copy of the White Ranger!
Wednesday July 7th, 2004

The site is now up and running.

Thanks for visiting my power
rangers sites! The top is not
yet finished
, and more pages
will be added soon.
Power Rangers DinoThunder DVD & VHS
Volumes 2 and 3 Release Dates have been
Confirmed to be released on September 7th,
and are 110 minutes each. Volumes 4 and 5
come out in November, and Volume 5 DVD
will feature a sneak preview of the newest
series, "Power Rangers S.P.D."

S.P.D. is going to be 15 years into the future,
and humans have welcomed aliens to live with
them in peace. Now that got me to thinking, Is
Time Force continued from S.P.D., because if
you remember right, in the year 3000 humans
and aliens were living together. So my guess
is, S.P.D. is how everything got started!

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