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  Friday December 9th, 2005  Updates + News  
Allies:  Piggy info updated.
Links:  Linear Ranger's PRMF Site and Mysticforce site | PRMF Site links added.

More pictures - Treasure Fleet Boukenger: Most likely to become Power Rangers in 2007!
  Wednesday December 7th, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.

More pictures - DEKARANGER vs MAGIRANGER - Magiranger!
  Tuesday December 6th, 2005  News  
Power Rangers Mystic Force - Shopping!
  Tuesday November 29th, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.

Starting next Monday (December 5th) on ABC Family and TOON Disney is the Mega Match-up marathon with the new red and green mystic force rangers!

P R S.P.D. DVDs 4 and 5 with the episode titled Wormhole comes out next Tuesday!

  Sunday November 20th, 2005  Updates  
Schedule section updated.
Rangers:  Rangers more info added;  Nova Ranger added.
Villains:  Omni, Gruumm and Mora more info added.
Episodes:  Episode 37 (Endings Part 2) added;  Episode 37 screen shots (165) added.
Previews:  First exclusive look at Power Rangers Mystic Force promo shots added.
Downloads:  First exclusive look at Power Rangers Mystic Force promo added.
  Monday November 14th, 2005  News  
The new Power Rangers Mystic Force toys are already starting to come out and it's not even December yet.

New McDonalds Power Rangers toys coming around November 23rd - December 15th.
  Saturday November 12th, 2005  Updates  
Villains:  Broodwing more info;  Omni, A-Squad, 3 Generals, Drill Robot and Zord added.
Episodes:  Episode 36 (Endings Part 1) added;  Episode 36 screen shots (170) added.
  Monday November 7th, 2005  Updates + News  
Previews:  Mystic Force promo shots added.
Downloads:  A Mystic Force promo added. See an exclusive look at P R Mystic Force during the day of SPD's last episode (Endings Part 2) on TOON Disney, then ABC Family.
  Sunday November 6th, 2005  Updates  
Schedule section updated.
  Saturday November 5th, 2005  Updates + News  
Allies:  Ally Samuels added.
Villains:  Orangeheads and Blueheads more info added;  Delex and Alien 41 added.
Episodes:  Episode 35 (Resurrection) added;  Episode 35 screen shots (105) added.

More Magiranger pictures - Magi Villains!
  Tuesday November 1st, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.
Episodes:  Episode 34 (Insomnia) added;  Episode 34 screen shots (15) added.

The A-Squad Power Rangers return, and they show their faces: Yellow is a guy, Blue is an Alien, and for the first time in Power Rangers History Red is a girl.

Attention Digimon Fans! If you missed any of the 3 new Digimon movies that aired on TOON Disney last month, they will now be shown on ABC Family this month starting Sunday!
  Wednesday October 26th, 2005  Updates + News  
Arsenal:  Shadow Saber more info added.
Allies:  Isinia Cruger added.
Villains:  Mora, Morgana, Orange/Blue heads more info;  Icthior and G Robot 26 added.
Episodes:  Episode 33 added;  Episode 33 screen shots added;  Episode 33 Note added.

Bandai.com - Downloads: Sound Patrol Power Rangers, Power Rangers Supreme Megazord, and Power Rangers Delta Enforcer commercials added!
  Sunday October 23rd, 2005  Updates  
Schedule section updated.
  Saturday October 15th, 2005  Updates + News  
Allies:  DinoThunder Rangers added.
Villains:  Orange and Blue heads more info added;  Kraw, Dragoul 1 and 2 added.
Episodes:  Episode 31 (History) added;  Episode 31 screen shots (180) added.
Episodes:  Episode 32 (Impact) added;  Episode 32 screen shots (190) added.

The episode titled Wormhole is another team up with DinoThunder! It was accidentally aired in Canada Saturday July 30th, and It will be released on Volumes 4 and 5 of the SPD DVDs that will be released on December 6th!

Bandai.com has updated their Power Rangers SPD Toy section with the Fall toy line!
  Thursday October 13th, 2005  Updates  
Schedule section updated.
  Friday October 7th, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.
Villains:  Orange and Blue heads more info added;  Bork, Herock, and G Robot 25 added.
Episodes:  Episode 30 (Missing) added;  Episode 30 screen shots (95) added.

The S.W.A.T. Megazord is now in stores, although on the toy box Bandai named it Supreme Megazord. You can find some pictures of it at this site: Toy Collection Page!

More Legend Magiranger pictures - MAGI LEGEND!
  Friday September 30th, 2005  Updates  
Rangers:  Cat Ranger added.
Villains:  Giant Robot 23, Mooney, and Gigabot added.
Episodes:  Episode 29 (Katastrophe) added;  Episode 29 screen shots (210) added.
Extras:  Cat Ranger Morph added.
  Wednesday September 28th, 2005  News  
Attention Digimon Fans! The next 3 movies will be shown on TOON Disney: October 2nd, 16th, and 23rd...Please visit this site for more info: PR On-Air Central!

More pictures - Legend Magiranger! - Legend Magiranger!
  Sunday September 25th, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.
Rangers:  added a Kat Ranger image.

Episode 'Impact' was shown out of order, and episode 'Wormhole' may only be shown on volumes 4/5...Please visit this site for more info: PR On-Air Central!

More pictures - 5 more Legend Magiranger images!
  Thursday September 15th, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.
Extras:  S.W.A.T. Megazord 1 added.

Impact: TOON Disney Friday September 23rd at 7PM and 12AM (Eastern times) - ABC Family Saturday September 24th at 11:00/10:00c AM!

New Fall line up: S.P.D. joins the week days; TOON Disney's new schedule line up times: Monday-Friday 7PM-2AM and Saturday-Sunday 4PM-2AM (Eastern times) starting next week.

More pictures - Magiranger!
  Friday September 9th, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.
Arsenal:  S.W.A.T. Truck, S.W.A.T. Mode, and Delta Enforcer added.
Zords:  Omega Max Megazord more info;  S.W.A.T. Flyers, S.W.A.T. Megazord added.
Villains:  Orangehead, and Bluehead more info and new blades added;  Gineka, Chiaggo, Delapoo, Alien 30, Giant Robot 18, One Eye, Silverhead, Giant Robot 19, Giant Robot 20, Giant Robot 21, and Giant Robot 22 added.
Episodes:  Episode 28 added;  Episode 28 screen shots added (135).
Downloads:  Power Rangers S.P.D. Theme version-4 added.
Links:  deka base site , RetroCenter Forums DX and The Viewing Globe added.

Magiranger pictures - More Legend Magiranger!
  Friday September 2nd, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.
Allies:  Sargeant Silverback added.
Villains:  Bluehead more info added;  Stench, Thresher and Giant Robot 17 added.
Episodes:  Episode 27 added;  Episode 27 screen shots added (180).

SPD UK Premiere date: SPD is listed to start on Saturday October 22nd!

PRSPD Vol 4 and 5! Volumes 4 and 5 are coming this December!

More Magiranger pictures - SaintKaiser toys! - Legend Magiranger!
  Saturday August 27th, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.
Episodes:  Episode 26 added with screen shots;  Ep26 Note added.

Robotpalooza: TOON Disney Monday August 29th at 7:30/6:30c PM - ABC Family Saturday September 3rd at 8:30/7:30c AM!
  Saturday August 20th, 2005  News  
S.W.A.T. Part 2: TOON Disney Monday August 22nd at 9:00/8:00c PM - ABC Family Sunday August 28th at 10:00/9:00c AM!

Attention Digimon Fans! The next 3 movies are scheduled to be shown in October! 2 from season 3, and 1 from season 4!
  Tuesday August 16th, 2005  Updates  
New Releases:  SPD Vol 2 and 3 Sept 6;  GBA SPD sept 7;  X-Men Legends II Sept 20.
Schedule section updated.
Rangers:  Sky more info about father added.
Arsenal:  Omega Morpher more info added;  S.P.D. Battlizer added.
Zords:  Omega Max Megazord finish attack name added.
Villains:  Bluehead more info;  Slate, copied R Of Destruction, Mirloc, G Robot 16 added.
Episodes:  Episodes 24 and 25 added with screen shots;  Ep25 Note added.
Downloads:  Power Rangers S.P.D. Theme version-3 added.
  Wednesday August 10th, 2005  Updates + News  
New Releases:  Movie title added: Lilo and Stitch 2 (too DVD/VHS August 30th).
Schedule section updated.

Reflections Part 1 and Part 2: TOON Disney Friday August 12th at 9:00/8:00c PM and 9:30/8:30c PM - ABC Family Saturday August 13th at 10:00/9:00c AM and 10:30/9:30c AM!  SWAT Part 1: TOON Disney Monday August 15th at 7:30/6:30c PM - ABC Family Sunday August 21st at 11:00/10:00c AM!

More Magiranger pictures - Magiranger! - Movie toy! - The Movie! - The Movie!
  Monday August 1st, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.
Rangers:  Omega Ranger added.
Arsenal:  Omega Morpher more info added.
Zords:  Omega Max Megazord info added;  Delta Max Megazord added.
Villains:  Bluehead more info added;  Mysticon, Al and Giant Robot 14 added.
Episodes:  Episode 23 added;  Episode 23 screen shots added;  Ep23 Notes added.
Extras:  S.P.D. Ranger Team 1 added.

More pictures - Dekaranger Face Off! - Magiranger movie! - Magiranger movie Unicorn!
  Friday July 29th, 2005  Updates + News  
Toys:  More toy names added.  More pics added.

Attention Digimon Fans! A new Digimon movie titled, Digimon: Revenge of Diaboromon, premieres Friday August 5th at 7pm ET/PT on TOON Disney and Saturday August 6th at 9am ET/PT on ABC Family!  More new movies should be coming soon!  Download Promo!
  Thursday July 28th, 2005  Updates + News  
Next 2 new episodes of S.P.D. titled Reflections Part 1 and Reflections Part 2 premieres first on TOON Disney Monday August 12th at 9:00/8:00c PM and 9:30/8:30c PM!

Schedule section updated.
  Saturday July 23rd, 2005  Updates  
Extras:  2nd(3rd) weird site banner and Omega Ranger 1 added.
Links:  Dekabase forum added.
  Friday July 22nd, 2005  News  
Bandai.com - What's New! The new Supreme Megazord is comprised of five vehicles and features lights and motion-activated sounds! This Megazord transforms into a cool role-play weapon, with lights and firing sounds that are activated by pressing the trigger!

-Episode-24 - Reflections Part 1 - An amazing new weapon is needed when a copycat criminal strikes New Tech City.
-Episode-25 - Reflections Part 2 - Sky struggles with the memory of losing his father and comes face to face with the villain responsible.
-Episode-26 - SWAT Part 1 - Piggy and friends steal SPD technology; the Rangers are sent to Zentor to train for SWAT mode.
-Episode-27 - SWAT Part 2 - Under the command of a tough drill sergeant, the Rangers must learn to work as a team before they can earn a powerful new weapons' technology.
-Episode-28 - Robotpalooza - The Rangers nearly reach their breaking point when both Gruumm and Broodwing send robot after robot to attack the city.
  Wednesday July 20th, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.
Rangers:  bottom pictures of the rangers updated.
Arsenal:  Omega Morpher and Omega Uni-Force Cycle added.
Villains:  Orangehead, Bluehead and Morgana more info added;  Shorty, Devastation and Robot Of Destruction added.
Episodes:  Episode 22 added;  Episode 22 screen shots added;  Ep22 Note added.

Next new episode titled Zapped premieres first on TOON Disney Monday July 25th at 9:00/8:00c PM!  S.P.D. takes place in the year 2025!

Magiranger - Magi-Oh zord pictures!
  Thursday July 14th, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.
Rangers:  Shadow Ranger main picture updated.
Arsenal:  Shadow Saber more info added.
Episodes:  Episode 21 added;  Episode 21 screen shots added.

Messenger Part 2 on ABC Family will premiere Saturday July 16th at 10:30/9:30c AM!

More new Magiranger pictures!
  Saturday July 9th, 2005  Updates + News  
Patrol In Progress - Ranger Forum! New forum added.

Episode-24 - Reflections Part 1
Episode-25 - Reflections Part 2
Episode-26 - SWAT Part 1
Episode-27 - SWAT Part 2
Episode-28 - Robotpalooza
  Friday July 8th, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.

I might be late with next weeks updates!

Ryan's page - Comic-Con International Offers Disney-Related Seminars!
Linear Ranger's page - UK's Jetix Magazine Counts Down to Power Rangers S.P.D.!

More new Magiranger pictures: Magishine! - Magishine! - Magiranger! - Magiranger!
  Saturday July 2nd, 2005  Updates + News  
Toys:  More toy names added.  Space Patrol Set: pic1, pic2, pic3 added.

The next new episode of S.P.D. for ABC Family will premiere Sunday July 10th!

Fall Toy now out: The villain that comes with the S.W.A.T. Command Truck is Broodwing! The body of the figure is just another Krybot repainted gold/brown that comes with a Broodwing head piece and 2 wings! The Broodwing head piece has blue on it instead of red!

Fall Toy: Amazon.com now has the Delta Command Megazord!

More new Magiranger pictures: Magitrain! - Magiranger! - Magitrain! - Magishine!
  Tuesday June 28th, 2005  News  
Space Patrol Set - (now in stores)! Blast Buggy - The Doom Buggy Zord was used only in the Japanese Dekaranger Movie, and not the Dekaranger series! A toy of it was also released in Japan! It is possible that this zord will not be shown in Power Rangers SPD!

Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta - Delta Enforcer! Another one of the new SPD toys that are out in stores now!

Jetix Magazine for the UK! Every month's new issue comes with a DVD with episodes from top Jetix shows such as power rangers, and other cool features! Power Rangers SPD will soon be premiering in UK!
  Saturday June 25th, 2005  Updates  
Schedule section updated.
Villains:  Green Eyes and Giant Robot 12 added.
Episodes:  Episode 20 added;  Episode 20 screen shots added.
  Thursday June 23rd, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.
Episodes:  Power Rangers S.P.D. Theme Song Lyrics added.
Extras:  First site banner v2 added.

Power Rangers Mystic Force logo! - Sheet 1! - Sheet 2!
  Monday June 20th, 2005  Updates + News  
Rangers:  Shadow Ranger more info added.
Arsenal:  Shadow Delta ATV added.
Allies:  Supreme Commander Fowler Birdy added.
Villains:  Gruumm more info added;  Giant Robot 11, Alien 16, and Changtor added.
Episodes:  Episode 19 added;  Episode 19 screen shots added.

Fall Toys: The Uni-Force Cycles and Omega Megazord are now out in stores!
  Wednesday June 15th, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.
Rangers:  Pink Ranger a little more info added.
Zords:  Delta Command Base more info added.
Allies:  Kat more info added;  Katana added.
Villains:  Bluehead info updated;  Broodwing 2 pictures added;  Robot God Morato added.
Episodes:  Episode 18 added;  Episode 18 screen shots added;  Ep18 Notes added.
Links:  TV.com The New Home of TV Tome and TV Tome's Power Rangers added.

Super Summer of Heroes! Super Picks: Vote for your favorite show!
  Saturday June 11th, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.

just a reminder that on ABC Family Saturday mornings, the new episodes of Power Rangers S.P.D. will be moving to a new time at 10:00/9:00c AM starting June 18th! Also, the new episode for June 25th will be on at 11:30/10:30c!

More of Magiranger yellow!
  Sunday June 5th, 2005  Updates + News  
Villains:  Wootox and Giant Robot 09 added.
Episodes:  Episode 17 added;  Episode 17 screen shots added.

-Episode-21 - Messenger Part 1 - Morgana sends for her most powerful allies when she decides to destroy Earth herself.
-Episode-22 - Messenger Part 2 - A mysterious Ranger from the future must help the Rangers when they are at the brink of defeat.
-Episode-23 - Zapped - Morgana gives a down and out magician a magic wand in exchange for his help in destroying the Rangers.

Another new Magiranger zord!
  Friday June 3rd, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.

More new Magiranger pictures: more of Magishine! - Necklesses! - Magitrain!
  Monday May 30th, 2005  News  
Linar Ranger's page - New ABC Family and TOON Disney Schedules! The new schedules begin June 13th, and the new episodes of Power Rangers S.P.D. on ABC Family, will air at 10:00/9:00c instead of 8:30/7:30c!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare! Another new Turtles game for PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, and this time even for Nintendo DS!

Power Rangers S.P.D.: Picture of the Rangers in Swat Mode, Shadow's ATV vehicle, A-Squad Power Rangers, SPD Red Battlizer, and even the Swat Command Truck!

More new Magiranger pictures: the 5! - Magishine! - Wolkaizer! - Wolzard!
  Sunday May 29th, 2005  Updates  
New Releases section updated:  Power Rangers SPD Volumes 2 and 3 added;  The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl in 3-D movie title added.
Arsenal:  R.I.C. more info added.
Zords:  Delta Command Base info added.
Allies:  Boom and Piggy more info added.
Villains:  Bluehead, Mora and Piggy more info added;  Morgana added.
Toys:  Red, Blue and Green Cyber Arms, Cruger, Shadow and Omega Light Patrols, Orangehead and Head piece on Krybot pictures added;  Delta Blasters (Omega) added.
  Wednesday May 25th, 2005  Updates  
Schedule section updated.
Allies:  Louise and Phil added.
Villains:  Tomars added.
Episodes:  Episode 16 added;  Episode 16 screen shots added.
Extras:  A little site banner added.
  Tuesday May 24th, 2005  News  
Digimon World 4 game for PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox will finally be released next week, around May 31st, and it's up to 4 players!

Power Rangers S.P.D. - Volumes 2 and 3 Artwork! Power Rangers S.P.D. Volumes 2 and 3 are scheduled to be released sometime in September!

Magiranger - A new Supertrain Megazord and Ranger!
Magiranger - A new Supertrain Megazord!

Ryan's page - Power Rangers S.P.D. Stars Appear at a Comic Book Convention! Appearing on stage at 1:00 P.M. to discuss and take questions on POWER RANGERS S.P.D. will be the stars of the Disney series: ALYCIA PUROTT, the PINK RANGER, CHRIS VIOLETTE, the BLUE RANGER, MONICA MAY, the YELLOW RANGER, BRANDON JAY MCLAREN, the RED RANGER, and MATT AUSTIN, the GREEN RANGER. GREG ARONOWITZ, the DIRECTOR of POWER RANGERS S.P.D. will also appear with BRUCE KALISH, Writer and Executive Producer.

Everyone will sign free autographs after the presentation. People who have Premium Tickets will go first, and then everyone else goes next. Disney may provide something for the Power Rangers S.P.D. Stars, Director, and Executive Producer to sign, but this is not confirmed so you might want to bring something for them to sign.

The event takes place on June 12, 2005 at the Shrine Auditorium Expo Center in Los Angeles, across the street from USC College.
  Wednesday May 18th, 2005  Updates + News  
New Releases section updated:  Power Rangers SPD Joining Forces - Vol. 1 DVD / VHS added;   X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse game added;  More Movie Titles added.
Schedule section updated.
Arsenal:  Shadow Saber info updated.
Zords:  Name of Delta Squad Megazord's Sword finish attack added (Power Strike).
Allies:  S.O.P.H.I.E. added.
Villains:  Bluehead info updated; Valko, Goradon and Giant Robot 08 added.
Episodes:  Episode 15 added;  Episode 15 screen shots added;  Ep15 Note added.
Links:  Power Rangers Republic - new domain.

Vote for your favorite Red Ranger! Jason, Tommy, T.J., Andros, Leo, Carter, Wes, Cole, Shane, or Conner!

Power Rangers S.P.D. Official DVD Website: Disney's Official Power Rangers SPD DVD Website has the Trailer, new Wallpapers, Buddy Icons, and a new Screensaver!
  Tuesday May 10th, 2005  Updates + News  
Schedule section updated.
Villains:  General Benagg - General Benaag name updated.
Episodes:  Episode 14 added;  Episode 14 screen shots added;  Ep14 Note added.

Jetix - Power Rangers S.P.D.! "R.I.C. 2.0: Extreme Upgrade" game on Jetix website!
More Magiranger pictures!
  Wednesday May 4th, 2005  Updates  
Schedule section updated.
Rangers:  Shadow Ranger picture changed; Shadow Ranger Super Speed added.
Allies:  Baskin added.
Villains:  Bluehead info updated; Drakel and Giant Robot 07 added.
Episodes:  Episode 13 added;  Episode 13 screen shots added.
Downloads:  Power Rangers S.P.D. Theme version-2 added.
  Wednesday May 4th, 2005  News  
Ryan's page - Jetix May Marathon Programming! Jetix puts the Red Power Ranger in the spotlight during a "Power Rangers Generations" Memorial Day weekend marathon on ABC Family. Beginning on Sunday, May 15 viewers determine five hours of programming when they go online and vote for their favorite Red Power Ranger. Episodes featuring the Red Power Rangers with the most votes will be counted down during the marathon, on Sunday, May 29 (7:00-12:00 noon, ET/PT). Kicking off the weekend event, the Red Power Rangers' morphing abilities are revealed for the first time, on Saturday, May 28 (7:00-12:00 noon, ET/PT).

Some Magiranger episode 12 pictures!
  Wednesday April 27th, 2005  Updates  
Schedule section updated.
Rangers:  Shadow Ranger added.
Arsenal:  Patrol Morpher and Shadow Saber added.
Allies:  Doggie Cruger more info added.
Villains:  Bluehead and Giant Robot 05 info updated;
General Benagg and Giant Robot 06 added.

Episodes:  Episode 12 added;  Episode 12 screen shots added;  Ep12 Notes added.
Links:  Katnip and Space Patrol Delta/ Magihouse added.

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