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  Power Rangers S.P.D. - Episode 26 - S.W.A.T. Part 1

-Sunday August 21st, 2005: ABC Family - 8 days since the last new episode.
-Monday August 15th, 2005: TOON Disney - 3 days since the last new episode.
-Saturday October 8th, 2005: abc kids - 21 days since the last new episode.

-Teleplay By - John Tellegen
-Directed By - Britta Johnstone

Paul Barrett (voice of Thresher) - Greg Johnson IV (voice of Stench) - Jim Lawrence (Man) - John Tui (Sargeant Silverback) - Brett Stewart (voice of Sam, Omega Ranger)

New Shown: Stench - Thresher - hologram Red's S.W.A.T. Mode chest armor - hologram Delta Enforcer - Giant Robot 17 - closer look of the SPD Space Cruiser - S.W.A.T. Truck - Sargeant Silverback - Silverback's Robotic Dog

Villains in this episode:
-Broodwing - aligns with piggy to get Gruumm
-Emperor Gruumm
-Stench - steals SPD technology - attacks the rangers
-Thresher - steals SPD technology - pilots Giant Robot 17
-Giant Robot 17 - attacks the Delta Squad Megazord
-simulated Krybots - battles the rangers

Information: On Gruumm's orders, the installation on Gamma 4 is attacked and all communications to them is lost. The last surveillance shown is of someone calling for help and the last words said were, "They're not the...!"

The rangers have been petty bickering all year which has compromised their mission on the battlefield.

Gruumm calls for piggy once again. Kat works on the new upgrade for the rangers - S.W.A.T. Mode. Kat accidentally fries the Quantum Enhancer needed to help with the upgrading. Gruumm orders piggy to bring him something to defeat the power rangers. Piggy tells his 2 friends, Stench and Thresher, that he must undermine SPD or he will be vaporized. Z and Kat visit Piggy to see if he has a Quantum Enhancer that can handle sequences on a molecular level. Piggy gives Kat a Quantum Enhancer infected with a virus that allows Thresher to send Stench through the internet and into the S.P.D. Base to steal SPD technology.

Thresher pilots a Giant Robot while Stench steals schematics for S.W.A.T. Mode. The rangers had captured Thresher and were bringing him in for questioning but were attacked by Stench and his new Power Mode. The rangers were unable to stop Stench even with the S.P.D. Battlizer, Stench and Thresher escape.

Doggie Cruger sends the rangers to the planet Zentor for harsh training by Sargeant Silverback.

Thresher and Stench decide to betray Piggy by keeping the SPD technology for themselves. Thresher uses the SPD technology for a Power Mode as well.

Piggy aligns himself with Broodwing to get back at Gruumm.

The Rangers get ready to battle a massive creature...


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