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  Power Rangers S.P.D. - Episode 19 - Dismissed

-Saturday June 18th, 2005: ABC Family - 7 days since the last new episode.
-Friday June 24th, 2005: TOON Disney - 11 days since the last new episode.
-Saturday July 2nd, 2005: abc kids - 7 days since the last new episode.

-Teleplay By - Jesse Horsting
-Directed By - Paul Grinder

Darren Young (voice of Changtor) - Paul Norrell (as Commander Fowler Birdy)

New Shown: Supreme Commander Fowler Birdy - Giant Robot 11 - Alien 16 - Changtor - Shadow Delta ATV

Villains in this episode:
-Emperor Gruumm - attacks Red, Blue, Green, Birdy, and Shadow
-Giant Robot 11 - attacks the Delta Squad Megazord
-Alien 16 - pilots Giant Robot 11
-Changtor - attacks Yellow, Pink, and the Delta Squad Megazord

Information: The Supreme Commander of SPD arrives at Earth's academy and clashes with Doggie Cruger over the way he's running things against the Troobian forces. Anubis Doggie Cruger is fired, and the Supreme Commander takes his place. Gruumm battles the rangers with his new cycle and calls Doggie out to fight him. The Supreme Commander decides to face Gruumm alone, but finds that he is no match for Gruumm. Doggie Cruger arrives just in time to save the Supreme Commander. Doggie destroys Gruumm's new cycle, and the Supreme Commander hires Doggie back.

In the battle for Sirius, Doggie is shown fighting Gruumm, and with the Shadow Saber, Doggie slashes one of Gruumm's horns off.

The mysterious orb of light is shown following them once again.


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