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  Power Rangers S.P.D. - Episode 11 - Shadow Part 1

-Saturday April 16th, 2005: ABC Family - 7 days since the last new episode.
-Monday April 18th, 2005: TOON Disney - 3 days since the last new episode.
-Saturday May 7th, 2005: abc kids - 7 days since the last new episode.

-Teleplay By - Bruce Kalish
-Directed By - Mark Beesley

Rene Naufahu (as Stevedore) - Jim McLarty (voice of Broodwing) - James Gaylyn (voice of Benaag)

New Shown: Shadow Saber - General Benaag - Alien 10(Crying Alien) - Blue Delta Runner's rescue cable - Blue Delta Runner uses the Shrink Cuffs with out being in megazord mode - Emperor Gruumm in human form - Giant Robot 06 - Kat can fight

Villains in this episode:
-Orange Head - Attacks Red and Pink
-Alien 10(Crying Alien) - captures a city bus
-Emperor Gruumm - sets foot on Earth and attacks a human, copying his look to turn himself into a human form
-Mora - created the Crying Alien
-Broodwing - makes piggy pay back 500 dollars for bad info - meets with a Top General of the Troobian force
-General Benaag - gives a message to Commander Cruger to fight him - attacks R.I.C.
-Giant Robot 06 - sets spike devices into precision - fights the Delta Runners off as it escapes
-Bluehead - pilots Giant Robot 06
-Krybots - attacks Kat

Information: Commander Cruger has his nightmare once more about the invasion of his homeworld, Sirius. Cruger then takes it out on Kat and the others. Piggy finds a lottery ticket with the winning numbers and wins 10 million dollars and opens up his own little cafe. Emperor Gruumm plans to eliminate Doggie Cruger. Gruumm sets foot on Earth for the first time to have a closer look at the planet he will soon be invading. Gruumm turns himself into a human by copying the look from the first human he sees. Human Gruumm meets with Broodwing and tells him to meet with one of his top Generals and to give the general everything he will need to eliminate Cruger. The General gives Cruger a message to fight him, but Cruger tells him that he no longer fights.

Cruger tells the rangers of a story from his past. "My home of Sirius was invaded by Gruumm. Sirius had assembled an elite squad of galactic defenders - Space Patrol Delta, the first SPD. We battled for months without sleep. Though our men fought valiantly, we were no match for the endless army of Troobians. While we fought their soldiers, Gruumm turned his Giant Robot loose on the defenseless city - General Benaag led those troops against use. We were overrun, we were defeated. When I awoke, I was alone, my people were gone, I was the last of my squad, the last of my kind. I have failed my planet, my squad, my... I vowed never to pick up my sword again. That is my story."

Human Gruumm sets him plan into action. Energy Trimmers - Giant spike devices pop out of the ground as a Bluehead pilots a Giant Robot to set the devices into precision and the rangers are ordered to suit up. Kat tries getting Doggie to help fight with the rangers against General Benaag and even gives him a morpher but Doggie kicks Kat out of the Command Center room instead. The rangers don't stop the bluehead in time and the bluehead gets away. The rangers are ordered to leave the spikes where they are and to return to base.

Kat has left the base and RIC, the SPD robotic K-9, leaves to find her. Kat is attacked by 2 Krybots. She gives them a fight, but is unable to get away as RIC arrives to save the day. But after defeating the Krybots, General Benaag shows his face and RIC leaps at him after Kat telling him not to...


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