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  Power Rangers S.P.D. - Episode 04 - Walls

-Saturday February 19th, 2005: ABC Family - 7 days since the last new episode.
-Monday February 21st, 2005: TOON Disney - 7 days since the last new episode.
-Saturday March 19th, 2005: abc kids - 7 days since the last new episode.

-Teleplay By - John Tellegen
-Directed By - Andrew Merrifield

Patrick Khutze (as Security Guard #1) - Patrick Wilson VI (as Security Guard #2) - Jim McLarty (voice of Broodwing) - Bruce Hopkins (voice of Ringbah)

New Shown: Giant Robot 03 - Ringbah - S.P.D. Morpher Analyzer Mode - Red S.P.D. Patrol Cycle - Green S.P.D. Patrol Cycle - Syd's fist of stone - Delta Runner 1 with Megazord's Sword - Blue Deltamax Striker's Energy Blast - picture of Sky's Dad

Villains in this episode:
-Giant Robot 03 - attacks New Tech City and the zords
-Ringbah - pilots Giant Robot 03 - Attacks the Rangers
-Emperor Gruumm - plans to steal diamonds for energy
-Broodwing - Giant Robot is from this villain
-Krybots - steals the diamonds - Attacks the Rangers

Information: Sky is still reeling from the fact that he is not the Red Ranger. He refuses to participate in group activities. After Jack and Bridge are given powered up bikes, Sky has just about had it. Commander Cruger tells everyone of a message sent by the A-Squad Rangers from the Helix Nebula and notes that the A-Squad may have been eliminated. Meanwhile, Gruumm has hatched a plan to steal a truckload of diamonds to be converted to an energy source. The Rangers make it to the location of the diamonds. Jack orders Sky and Syd to stay and guard the diamonds while Jack, Bridge and Z leave to fight a Giant Robot in the City. But when Syd is called in for backup, Sky decides to go with her, not following Jack's orders, giving what Gruumm wants - the diamonds. Had given the enemy an added advantage, Jack and Sky decide on trying to work things out with each other.


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