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  Power Rangers S.P.D. - Episode 03 - Confronted

-Saturday February 12th, 2005: ABC Family - 7 days since the last new episode.
-Monday February 14th, 2005: TOON Disney - 7 days since the last new episode.
-Saturday March 12th, 2005: abc kids - 7 days since the last new episode.

-Teleplay By - Jackie Marchand
-Directed By - Greg Aronowitz

Emlyn Williams II (as Cadet 2) - Siobhan Page (as Cadet 3) - Jim McLarty (voice of Broodwing) - Bruce Hopkins (voice of Praxis)

New Shown: S.P.D. Handcuffs - Mora - Praxis - Mega Drill Robot - Delta Runners - Delta Squad Megazord's Blaster Lasso attack - Delta Squad Megazord's Shrink Cuffs - Delta Squad Megazord's Sword

Villains in this episode:
-Emperor Gruumm - Invades a planet in a nearby nebula
-Mora - draws an evil creature and brings it to life
-Broodwing - sells a Giant Mega Drill Robot to Gruumm
-Praxis - pilots the Mega Drill Robot - Attacks the Rangers
-Mega Drill Robot - attacks New Tech City and the zords

Information: Jack finds out that being the Red Ranger also means being the leader of the team. The A-Squad Power Rangers are sent into space to fight the Troobians when Gruumm launches a full out attack on the S.P.D. Federation in the Helix Nebula. With the B-Squad left as Earth's defenders, the others begin to doubt Jack's competence as their leader. Gruumm's assistant, the evil child Mora, helps him by drawing an evil creature and bringing it to life. Broodwing sells a Giant Mega Drill Robot to Gruumm to destroy New Tech City.


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