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  Name:  S.O.P.H.I.E. (Natacha Hutchison)

Rank:  cyborg, supercomputer, D-Squad cadet
Episode:  14, 15 - Wired Part 1, Part 2

Information:  Sophie is a Series One Processor/Hyper-Intelligent Encryptor.

Sophie was a D-Squad cadet at the Academy. The B-Squad Rangers helped train 5 D-Squad cadets. The D-Squad cadets battled against simulated Krybots. 4 of the cadets failed at defeating the simulated Krybots as the 5th cadet, Sophie, had defeated them all. Bridge brings Sophie into the Command Center - control room of the Delta Command Base, to meet with Kat Manx and Commander Doggie Cruger for their Computer-Intern. Sophie spots a new system Kat has been working on. It is an upgrade program for D.B.D.S. - the Delta Base Defense System, that Kat has been working on for a while now. Sophie asks if she could help with the program but is told that the computer is top level clearance only.

An alien warrior named Valko revives a dreaded cyborg creature known as Goradon and plans to gain control over it. But in order for Valko to gain control over Goradon, he will need Sophie.

Sophie overhears Kat tell Doggie that Goradon has been reactivated and now no one is save, and that the Defense System is nowhere near finished. Some of the modifications are done but the rest will take weeks to finish. Later, with no one in the Command Center, Sophie hacks her way in and tries to work on the Defense System, but Kat enters, knowing that someone was in there, and Sophie sneaks her way out.

The Rangers find out that Sophie is a cyborg and she is the one who tried hacking into the computers so Sky expels her from the Academy. She leaves the Base and is captured by Valko, but not easily, she is a supercomputer that can fight well. Doggie finds that the rangers had expelled Sophie from the Academy with out his knowledge just because she is a cyborg, so Doggie orders them to go find her. Valko uses Sophie to control Goradon, but Sophie manages to escape and Valko chases her down. She then screams in a high pitched frequency in order to call for Commander Doggie Cruger's help, knowing that he can hear hyper frequencies. Valko was then contained into a confinement card by Shadow Ranger using the Shadow Saber Containment Strike.

The Rangers battle Goradon in their megazord but are in need of help. Kat activates the D.B.D.S. program Phase One and forms the Delta Command Crawler but is not enough to stop Goradon. Sophie is then trusted to upgrade the system. Phase Two is then set in action as the Base transforms into the Delta Command Megazord which destroyes Goradon using the Full Power blast.

Sophie is promoted and is now able to use her technology to help everyone in the galaxy.


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