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  Name:  Isinia Cruger (Tandi Wright)

Rank:  Doggie's Wife

Information:  Episode 11: Cruger informs the rangers of a story from his past. "My home of Sirius was invaded by Gruumm. Sirius had assembled an elite squad of galactic defenders - Space Patrol Delta, the first SPD. We battled for months without sleep. Though our men fought valiantly, we were no match for the endless army of Troobians. While we fought their soldiers, Gruumm turned his Giant Robot loose on the defenseless city - General Benaag led those troops against use. We were overrun, we were defeated. When I awoke, I was alone, my people were gone, I was the last of my squad, the last of my kind. I have failed my planet, my squad, my... I vowed never to pick up my sword again. That is my story."

Episode 12: Doggie Cruger informs the rangers that when he told them of his past, he did not tell them everything. "While the great battle for Sirius was raging, I was fighting at the front, Benaag snuck in from the back and captured my wife Isinia. I was overrun, I couldn't save her. I never saw Isinia again."

Doggie uses his morpher on Benaag to be Judged for his crimes. Benaag is found guilty of obstruction of justice, the destruction of five planets, and atrocities throughout the galaxy. Benaag was then Judged for the disappearance of Isinia Cruger - Doggie Cruger's wife, but was found Not guilty. Doggie then uses his Shadow Saber to 'Card' Benaag.

Episode 33: Icthior informs Doggie that his wife, Isinia Cruger is still alive.


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