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  Name:  Anubis "Doggie" Cruger (John Tui)

Rank:  Commander, Galactic Defender

Information:  Commander Doggie Cruger is an extraterrestrial who has physical characteristics of both a human and a dog. He was a onetime member of the Space Patrol Delta Squadron and is the sole survivor from his native star planet, Sirius, which was taken over by Troobian invaders and a devious warlord, Emperor Gruumm. Now, Anubis knows the danger that looms -- the Troobian's next target is Earth.

Knowing that Emperor Gruumm and the Troobian invaders are on there way to Earth, Cruger has no choice but to give Schuyler and the other 4 the S.P.D. Morphers to become B-Squad Power Rangers.

In episode 8, Z shares a memory from her past of when she was 12 - It was hard anough being from the streats, but she was so shy and the kids knew she was different, they were cruel, called her all sorts of names like freak and monster. She was just a little girl. she couldn't take it anymore so she did the only thing she knew how to do, she replicated and ran out of there. She ran out of the school. She ran and she ran and she ran till she couldn't run anymore. Then she felt herself alone, and this scary looking creature coming towards her, and then she heard an explosion. She opens her eyes and the creature was running away, and there was someone standing in the shadows with a laser. She broke her Z neckless, she was to afraid to go back and get it. She never found out who the person in the shadows was, until now, Commander Cruger gives Z her Z neckless, It was him.

Episode 11: Cruger tells the rangers of a story from his past. "My home of Sirius was invaded by Gruumm. Sirius had assembled an elite squad of galactic defenders - Space Patrol Delta, the first SPD. We battled for months without sleep. Though our men fought valiantly, we were no match for the endless army of Troobians. While we fought their soldiers, Gruumm turned his Giant Robot loose on the defenseless city - General Benaag led those troops against use. We were overrun, we were defeated. When I awoke, I was alone, my people were gone, I was the last of my squad, the last of my kind. I have failed my planet, my squad, my... I vowed never to pick up my sword again. That is my story."

Episode 12: Doggie Cruger tells the rangers that when he told them of his past, he did not tell them everything. "While the great battle for Sirius was raging, I was fighting at the front, Benaag snuck in from the back and captured my wife Isinia. I was overrun, I couldn't save her. I never saw Isinia again."

General Benaag had navigated 3 galaxies to find Doggie Cruger, now located on Earth. Emperor Gruumm sends Benaag to Earth to eliminate Doggie Cruger.

Benaag captures Kat Manx to lure Doggie out to fight. He places a Demolecularization Belt around Kat's waist. As Doggie and Benaag get ready for battle, the belt begins counting down from 20 minutes, and if time runs out, Kat's molecules will scatter and she will be gone forever.

Benaag tells Doggie that he must defeat 100 Krybots before they battle. So Doggie takes out his new Patrol Morpher and becomes the Shadow Ranger, easily destroying all the Krybots. Doggie and Benaag battle, and Doggie begins to loose the fight after Benaag shows him that Kat is in a truck nearby running out of time. Benaag fires a blast at Doggie and Doggie uses his Shadow Saber to deflect the blast at the belt, freeing Kat, While only 1 second remained.

Doggie uses his morpher on Benaag to be Judged for his crimes. Benaag is found guilty of obstruction of justice, the destruction of five planets, and atrocities throughout the galaxy. Benaag was then Judged for the disappearance of Isinia Cruger - Doggie Cruger's wife, but was found Not guilty. Doggie then uses his Shadow Saber to 'Card' Benaag.

Shown in episode 19: In the battle for Sirius, Doggie Cruger and Gruumm fought, and with the Shadow Saber Doggie slashes one of Gruumm's horns off.


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