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  Name:  DinoThunder Rangers

Rank:  DinoThunder Power Rangers
Episode:  31 - History
Episode:  38 - Wormhole

Information:  Broodwing meets with Professor Cerebros(Kraw) for a new plan in taken over Earth. Broodwing had retrieved the Dino Gems from the planet Onyx. Professor Cerebros(Kraw) and Broodwing transport Conner, Ethan and Kira into the future from Reefside High 2005. Broodwing then tries getting them to help him destroy the planet but they escape with the Dino Gems. Conner, Ethan and Kira use the Dino Gem's powers to help battle against Krybots. Broodwing catches up to them but the B-Squad Rangers arrive so Broodwing retreats.

Gruumm send out a full-scale ground attack, a full army of Troobian robots - Krybots, Blueheads and Orangeheads. Shadow Ranger helps the rangers battle the robots, then Gruumm and Morgana join the fun. Kat brings out Conner's, Ethan's and Kira's morphers for them and the 3 help battle against Gruumm, Morgana and the robots. The rangers win the battle forcing Gruumm and Morgana to retreat.

Conner, Ethan and Kira are returned to their own time, but in the process, SPD had their memories erased of all that occurred while in 2025.

Gruumm enters a Wormhole leading him to the past to Reefside High 2004, but is followed by SPD. Zeltrax and Tyrannodrones team up with Gruumm's forces to battle against the DinoThunder and SPD Rangers. The 12 rangers defeat the evil forces and Gruumm is forced to return through the wormhole due to fact it is about to close. Again the DinoThunder's memories are erased.


Copyright © 2004. All rights reserved.  Launch Date: 07/07/04